Gallery I

Lower Coastal Carolina

"HISTORIC BEAUFORT, North Carolina"     

Beaufort was laid out in 1713 with the streets as they are today.  
The harbor providing safe anchorage from the often stormy  
outer-banks seas caused the town to grow rapidly.  
Shown in the print are 3 blocks of the  
historical waterfront homes.    

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This community on the Pamlico River prides itself on being the first town to be named for George Washington. Founded in 1775, the town developed as an inland shipping center. The town is known for its Victorian style residential and business architecture. In recent years the historic downtown has been re-vitalized and become a popular dinning and shopping area.    

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Taylor’s Creek is the body of water which Beaufort, NC fronts. This scene is located up the creek, near the Menhaden fish factory and is usually not seen by most tourists. It is a time capsule of how the area would have looked years ago. It is now surrounded by new condo developments.  

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Perched along the shores of the White Oak River, Swansboro hints of times past, when life was much simpler…With its coastal atmosphere, Swansboro invites everyone to take life at a more leisurely pace and enjoy the shopping, history, and festivities which make the town so special.
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Popular stopover point for boaters on the Intracoastal waterway halfway between NY and Miami.
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Strolling Beaufort's boardwalk is a favorite  pastime for sailors and would-be sailors.

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Late in the afternoon at the beach was always  an enjoyable time to sit on the porch, have refreshments, and observe the beach "goings on"

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The Morehead City is noted for its picturesque waterfront with its deep-sea charter boat fleet,  fish houses, gift shops, and restaurants.

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Located just a few miles below the bustling  Myrtle Beach , S.C., the village of Murrells Inlet retains the look of tidewater communities of yesterday.

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View of harbor and marina at Bath, NC, the oldest town in North Carolina, and the home port for many sailors who sail the popular  Pamlico River to places like Beaufort,  Ocracoke Island, Oriental and Manteo.

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Located just north of the South Carolina border, Sunset Beach is the southernmost developed  island on North Carolina's coast.  Entrance to the beach is by a single-lane bridge. The last of its  kind, the bridge has been part of the charm of Sunset Beach.           

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The nearby Diamond Shoals, together with  sudden  squalls, can make  for treacherous  sailing off Cape Lookout.  Since early times  sailors have sought safe anchorage in the Bight  (deep-water protected by a land "hook") at Cape Lookout. Pirates sought shelter in the Bight in  the early 18th century. In the 1740's Spanish galleons used it. And in good weather, the anchorage provides  for a pleasant time out to explore the island and enjoy the company of other sailors in the Bight.  A favorite practice of sailors is to "raft up", or tie side-by-side with other sailboats so sailors can socialize across the boats.

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This is a scene of Southport during its recent annual July 4th festival.   

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Returning to Beaufort is always a high point for  sailors. Frequently, the docks are full and sailboats have to anchor out in Taylor's creek  and taxi back and forth in their dinghy.   Boardwalk strollers are always happy to lend  a hand in securing the dinghy.

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Just below Morehead City, N.C. is the village of Swansboro, the setting for this painting. Because of limited docking, the village has not grown like its neighbor’s north. It has a " back-in-time look" which suits its citizens just fine. 

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Beaufort, NC is a popular stopover port for the north and south intracoastal waterway boat traffic.  Just across Beaufort’s Taylors Creek is Carrot Island, home to a small herd of outer banks ponies.

These wild ponies are descendants from horses stranded on the outer banks in the 1600’s. They eke out a sparse existence from the sea grass and water, which they dig out of the sand. They are frequently seen at the water’s edge.

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Now it is hard to find a stretch of beach that isn't dominated by high-rise condos and commercial development.

This stretch of beach is located near the Sportsman Pier at Atlantic Beach.  These cottages built in the '40's have in many instances been handed down from one generation to the next.

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Beaufort, N.C. is a favorite stopover for boaters going north and south on the intercostal waterway.

The Dock house is a favorite place to have a snack and enjoy the daily rituals of boats coming to and leaving the docks.  

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Founded in 1739, Wilmington became a center for exporting pitch, tar, and turpentine.

In 1974 a 20 block area on the Cape fear river was designated a historic area.   It has become a favorite area of Wilmington to dine and shop.  

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North Carolina is blessed with abundant waters for sailing.  Beaufort, Washington, New Bern, Bath, Elizabeth City and Wrightsville Beach are popular sailing centers.  

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Sailors long for a protected, away-from-the-crowds dock, where their boat can be “made ready” in minutes.

This one is located in Bath Creek near the town dock. (Sorry, but its taken)    

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Founded in 1792, Southport still retains the look and spirit of a small coastal town that appears in no hurry to join the 21st century.

Located below Wilmington and close to the South Carolina border the small town is proud of its live oak trees and town park fronting the Cape Fear River with views of old Baldhead Island and the ocean inlet.

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Southport has a town park on the waterfront of the Cape Fear River. A row of homes, many over 100 years old, also face the river.

The park is the center for not only tourists, but those who live there.

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This is a phrase that has been used to describe the wet lands of the coastal Carolinas. 

Because of the shallow water, the locals have adapted to boats with shallow drafts and have discovered creeks and waterways in which to navigate.  

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Wrightsville is one of the oldest beaches in NC.  In 1888 the Wilmington Sea Coast Railroad was constructed between Wilmington and Wrightsville. 

The Blockade Runner Hotel is at old Station three, and the site of Lumina (torn down in 1971) was at Station 7.

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The town of Calabash, NC (the setting for the painting, "Planning Tomorrow") is the southern most town in NC bordering SC. 

Primarily a fishing village, the town has become famous for its "Calabash Seafood".  Currently there are over 30 restaurants in the small town.

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N.C. has mixed blessings in its bodies of water created by its unique outer banks. 

The sounds provide a large seafood industry and safe waters for small pleasure boats, but restrict deep-water boats.

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Bath is one of North Carolina's oldest towns and is home to a community of sailors. 

It is a quiet town that hopes it's not going to be discovered.  

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You are fortunate if you have known an "ole swimming hole". 

If so, you will remember how cold the water was and how much fun it was to be with other kids.

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These shrimp trawlers operate in Carolina's sounds and off-shore.  

Their home ports are in rivers and creeks which offer them protection from hurricanes.

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Cape Lookout Lighthouse on North Carolina's coast warns seaman of the dangerous Lookout Shoals which extend 10 miles out to sea.

Seaman like to take advantage of the Gulf Stream which flows north just off the coast; but, they also need to steer clear of the Lookout Shoals which have claimed many ships.

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The Provision was originally a store for boating supplies in Southport, NC.  Approximately 15 years ago it became a seafood restaurant, but the owner never bothered to change the sign on the building.

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Fronting on the Cape Fear River, Southport has long been a safe port as far back as the 1700's.   Now visitors are attracted by nearby Baldhead Island and 28 miles of beaches.

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