Gallery II

Upper Coastal Carolina


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On October 25, 1774, 51 ladies of the Albemarle area of North Carolina met in the home of Penelope Barker to sign a document pledging not to drink tea with a tax imposed by Britain.

This gesture became known as the Edenton Tea Party.        

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(see description under Historic Currituck below)

This is a view of the recently restored Whalehead Club now owned by Currituck county.  

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Historic Currituck is best represented by the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the Whalehead Club.  The Currituck Light, erected in 1874, stands 158' high and can be seen for 22 miles at sea.                                 

The Whalehead Club was built in the 1920's by Edward Knight who wanted a hunt club that his wife could attend (women were excluded from hunt clubs at that time.   It is being restored by the county as a museum.

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Porches at the beach are very enjoyable. This is especially true with the old traditional beach cottages that were built in the early 1900's on North Carolina's coast.

Because they were built on pilings, they have survived better than the newer "modern" beach cottages.

Flags and streamers are frequently seen decorating the porches      

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Many water-front villages on North Carolina’s Outer Banks are served by workboats in bringing in and shipping out supplies and goods.

These workboats are like “pick-up trucks” because they go everywhere and are rugged and economical.  

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Much of Carolina’s shrimp is harvested by independent fishermen with their specially designed shrimp boats.   It is hard work with the fishermen facing bad weather,  pollution, competition from foreign fishermen, and the high risks that go along with the job.

The fishermen seek out protected coves to provide safe anchorage for their boat which provides their living.

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Cape Hatteras Light at 200 feet is not only America's tallest lighthouse, but also its most recognizable lighthouse.

After surviving storms over 100 years, it was moved inland 2900 feet in 1999 to save it for future generations.

The foundation of the original lighthouse of 1831 is seen in the foreground.

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Sailors like to tie up at the Federal Docks near the ferry landing at Ocracoke Island.   From here it is only a short walk to the village. 

Sailors look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones while in Ocracoke.  

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This house was moved to Ocracoke's Silverlake waterfront and has been the home of a number of different shops. 

It is located in the Community Square, a popular place on the island.  

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On Oct. 25, 1774,  51 ladies of the Albemarle area met in Penelope Barker's home to sign a protest against the tea tax imposed by Britain. This gesture became known as the Edenton Tea Party.

The Barker House was moved downtown at the end of the city dock where it serves as a museum.

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The location is back of the Whalehead Club at Corolla, N.C.

The footbridge arches over a small pond off Core Sound that forms a small yacht basin for the Club.

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse is seen in the background.  

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Across from the Ocracoke Post Office is the almost hidden entrance to Howard Street, the most historic street in Ocracoke.

Most of the old homes there were made from the timbers of ships wrecked off the coast of Ocracoke Island.

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This historic district contains a line of starkly gray-brown shingle and weatherboard houses that stretch for almost a mile on the ocean front.

Most of the homes date from the early 1900's.

With their traditional wraparound porches, these two-story buildings have influenced later designs because of their beauty and functionalism.  

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The name of Kitty Hawk is thought to have come from the Indian word "Chickahauk".

Settled first on the sound side, it expanded to the beach front in the mid '20's. It was chosen by Orville and Wilber Wright as the site for their flying experiments.

Today, that flying tradition continues by hang gliders and kite flyers.  (Remarque)  

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Ocracoke Lighthouse and Silver Lake are the most noted features of the island, once the port of Blackbeard, the pirate.  

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Erected in 1874, the Currituck Light stands 158’ high and guides ships that sail close to shore to avoid strong Gulf Stream currents.

It is located in the small community of Corolla, which was first known for its waterfowl, wild horses, and fishing lodges.  

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Those who live on the OBX islands often go by "island time" rather than mainland "regular time".  Island time is always about (more or less) the exact time.

Island time gives some leeway about time because of living conditions on the island.

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Collington Harbor is a semi-isolated community on the Outer Banks that still retains some of the charm of days gone by.  

It is still home to a few individual fisherman who tie up their boats in a few protected creeks not yet reached by developers.

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The setting for this painting is a small cut leading to the Alligator River just before you cross the Alligator River on the way to Manteo. 

Most people whiz by and miss it. 

In many cases it is family business sometime done before or after their "day job" since one can hardly make a living just crabbing.

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A favorite activity in Ocracoke is watching the sun set over Silverlake and the village and enjoying the peace and quiet of the island.      

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Francis Corbin, an agent to Lord Granville, established an office for the sale of land in Edenton.  

Corbin built the famous Cupola House in 1758 on Broad Street near the waterfront. 

From this office he administered the sales, surveying, and money collection for the settlement of the vast Granville district.    

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"The Road Less Traveled" was inspired by Robert Frost's Poem by the same name. 

The location for the painting is Howard Street, the oldest street on Ocracoke Island.    

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